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About | Daniel Burch

About ME

I have professional experience from working at a Solicitors and in HR.

This means that I have the know how to understand complicated topics as well as the jargon that comes with them.

You can rest assured that you’re hiring a writer that takes their work seriously. I won’t be scrolling through Reddit at 3 a.m. and pulling information from Wikipedia when I’m meant to be writing quality content.

I also have a background from working in the military. This means that I can be diciplined, hard working, and I always want to do my best.

In the military I was taught the importance of being punctual, pushing yourself when you feel like quitting, and treating others with respect.

When you need a 2,500 word article written for you, I can guarantee you that I will do my best and deliver it on time. 


I am creative by nature, which is why I have a qualification in art and design.

This skill allows me to turn dry and dull content into something fun and interesting.

You need someone who knows how to make your business stand out. I know how to create unique content that is fresh, with a unique tone of voice, that can make any boring topic appealing to readers.

Even if you’re providing what your clients need, if you can’t engage them and make them interested in what services you have to offer, they’ll just go somewhere else.



All of these skills combined allow me to create great content that attracts clients and increases like and shares on social media. 

 You could risk hiring a mediocre writer who causes headaches for you by not only handing in their work late, using dubious sources and not bothering to correct their spelling, but you’ve spent all that time and effort only to get nothing. 

There’s no need to rush around thinking that my writing will be like a messy lab experiment gone wrong that you have to clean up. I promise that the services that I offer will be worth every penny. 

Let me know if you want to want me for your next project. 



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