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Daniel Burch |

HeY, I’m Daniel

A health and fitness Copywriter!


Have you ever produced a piece of content only to get no reads or any views?

Maybe you’ve produced an amazing piece of writing for the Health and Fitness niche, only to see that no one is interested.


I’m a freelance writer who knows a thing or two about how to communicate with people in the Health and Fitness niche effectively. 

My content has proven to get the attention of readers without sounding like a business robot from a science fiction movie.


I can create for you:


  • Engaging blogs posts and articles that increase your number of clients or readers and drives growth for your business
  • Content that is rich with keywords that helps to boost your visibility on Google’s front page
  • Writing that can be as short as a tiny 400 word blog post to a long form 2,000 word post

Do you also find yourself with no time to write for your business? You need someone like me who can write for you that is part of your target market.

Don’t waste your time. If your content doesn’t engage people, it can put them to sleep, just like this guy right here.

Not only can my content help your business, but the readers will be delighted to find something that can solve their problem that doesn’t sound like a boring lecture. Its win-win!